All of my friends have been in relationships and I haven't and I feel lame?

Idk, all my friends are or have been in relationships, and have kissed someone before, and I feel like something's wrong with me, like I'm all awkward and no one likes me, and It seems like that's the key factor in why my self confidence has been kinda low. Any advice?


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  • If you keep comparing yourself to others you will always feel inadequate. No need to feel lame, you're just you.

    You are young, have a lot of time to find someone nice to be a relationship with and will have a lot to give.

    Don't forget that relationships come with problems of their own. It is not all roses and sunshine.

    Be happy that you have free time and the ability to indulge your passions/hobbies.

    Your time will come soon enough :)


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  • Don't compare yourself to your friends. I have never been in a relationship. All of my friends are in a relationship. I'm focusing on bettering myself because I know I will have my time. Don't rush it! :)

  • Girl you are beautiful!!! we all struggle with self cofedencee, and I've never been in a realationship either so don't worry have fun and don't think about it to much.