She hasn't texted me back in 5 days?

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Long story short

-New girl
-Took on endless amount of dates (3 months in)
-Good exchange on investment, we both ask each other out, she paid for my dinner a few times
-Had no problem setting up dates with her
- Had sex once

I asked her for a dinner date, she was flaky so I pushed for an actual day, we scheduled for a specific day, later she said she couldn't make it. Waited a few days, asked her out again but told her "Im seeing you this week for dinner, let me know the day your off". She said ok. Haven't heard anything back in 5 days. She's acting different for some reason, should I just wait for her to respond back, ball is in her court. I have already made 2 attempts.

She just starred a new job, so she could be busy, but she could make time for me if she wanted to. I will just back off her from now on. Sad I really did like her


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  • she is just not that into you anymore, could be for reasons or for no reason. Some people are just flakes , I wish you the best of luck with your love life. You never know maybe you weren't meant for her cause life has and even better woman in stored for you. Just take every dating experience to be something to learn about yourself and know what to improve upon.

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    • actions speak louder than words, remember that. It's the truth, and don't believe peoples; BS especially hers. When a woman likes you and is dating you, you don;t have to wonder if she really likes you, you feel it, she shows it.

    • Empress thanks so much, that really hit hard with me. I will take action to your advice and move on.


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  • Forget about her. She is playing a game. Good luck

  • She has probably met another dude

  • To me it seems obvious that she is trying to avoid you. This could be of various reasons but my opinion is that she got what she wanted and is bailing. I am not sure whether you know about her past relationships and how she acted or whether this was a regular thing for her. But the fact that she has not responded after five days already tells me that she does not want to respond. For now, I think you tried and she obviously does not want much to do with you, so let it be. Just move on with your life and try and forget about her. I'm sure you'll find another girl who won't bail this time.


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  • I think you've made all the attempts you should. She sounds like a bitch trying to pull a fade on you.

  • if someone cares not to leave you in the thoughts you find yourself in i would say you already got your answer. goodluck :)

    • hmm that answer was very confusing.. clarify please

    • well if someone doesn't care for your feelings what more do you need to know? is that how you envision your future, been with a woman who doesn't care about how they make you feel? aim high my friend goodluck :)

    • Do you think I messed up by pushing too much, I asked for advice and someone mentioned the way I asked for the other date by saying "Im seeing you this week for dinner, let me know the day your off". I'm naturally a direct straight to the point type of person. Not sure if I went wrong there and that came across bad. But yes I will go cold on her and pull back all contact. Do you think I should ignore her if she ever gets back to me? by the way I will give you the most helpful answer, once I'm allowed to.