What can I do to get the edge?

So there's this girl I work with, she's 18 and im 22. We have been texting a lot recently, although I always have to start the conversations. Anyways there are a couple other guys at work she's been hanging out with that I know all like her as well. What can I do to maybe put myself above them. I got to her kinda late because I never cared to talk to her before and the other guys got a few weeks head start on her haha. I like this girl and would really like to make something of it. We got to hang out outside of work last week and I asked her on a date so after we get our schedules for this upcoming week hopefully we'll get to do that.


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  • Don't play games or you will lose out on this one. Your strategy would be to be straightforward with her. If you are good looking and she likes you and you hit her with a I really like you she's not going to accept it cause all guys play stupid mind games now a days.


What Guys Said 1

  • Wow man! You guys need to grow up, seriously! She's not some trophy, and there really is nothing like getting a head start. She's just a normal human being.

    You've asked her out on a date, and that's positive first step! But be aware that she may accept dates from the other guys too. Just be your natural self, and treat her well. After this you've done your part, so its up to her whom she finally chooses.