My girlfriend doesn't know how to be a girlfriend?

Almost like she's afraid to contact me for any reason other than sexual. And I know she has really deep feelings for me. She's just out of her comfort zone. What can I do to help?


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  • Plenty of girls can be like this. We're insecure about coming across too needy. Or boring. Or... Loads of other irrational things. Maybe make an effort to contact her about boring, everyday things. Do things with her that are very obviously not sexual. I mean, obviously don't stop that side of things completely, but just do both. Soon enough she'll get the idea that you are interested in her in other ways too - and start being the one to initiate things like that. She just needs a bit of a push in the right direction so she can get comfortable there.


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  • make her get out of that comfort zone first. talk to her, try to communicate with her

    • I agree, but don`t try getting her out of the comfort zone by going to far.

  • Make the first move contact her etc


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