So tell me how this makes ANY sense?

so I meet this guy, he became my boyfriend and we moved in together, we would be going on 1 year. He has 4 kids. 2 from 1 and 2 from his ex wife. He told me how terrible it was with his ex wife, how she was controlling, he wasn't allowed to have a facebook, she timed him when he would come home and how long it took, etc, you get the point. He told me that I was the only person he has ever loved, he never wanted to marry his ex, she did everything, bought the rings, etc. When I asked why he even went through with it, he said it was because he never even knew that there was something way better, didn't see his life going anywhere, and so he settled for her. She is not attractive at all, heavy, no make up, and no fashion. So I get this fb message from his ex wife saying that my boyfriend told her that we are just roommates and that he is trying to talk to her again. I text him about it and he never responded. When I went home from work, I asked again and he said he told her to tell me. WTF? I don't even know, its such a whirlwind, I found a place and Im moving out, but seriously me trust in men just went OUT THE DOOR... who even goes back into a terrible situation, ok im no super model, but uhhhh I have a lot going for me, and he is just blowing off this 1 year. He accused me of going out on him, because when we had a date night he dumped me to have his son come over and so I went out anyways. So he said that this is why he started talking to her I guess, I don't even know, I just want OUT! seriously just need to vent


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  • What he did was wrong, there is no excuse for that. Don't take it wrong but if he has 4 kids and isn't with the mother of any of them there is most likely a reason for that. Also having children means you must be willing to accept and make sacrifices for his children as well. The way he went about thinks is really bad though, you deserve a respectable breakup even it's been a couple days much less a year! Don't loose faith just take some time and go slow, it sounds like you need a guy with less baggage which is very understandable. If that picture is you then your extremely attractive, you won't have any trouble finding a good trustworthy guy.


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  • she's the mother of his kids... No matter what you do, she will always have a place in his life to a certain extent

    A lot could for the simple fact that she's the mother of his kids. Sometimes people do things that they think are right for the benefit of their kids.

    Maybe he doesn't see you as mother material as well

  • "ok im no super model," - Then the profile pic isn't you?

    Sorry you're going through this. People do all kinds of fucked up things.

    • no that's me lol

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    • Well then I don't want to hear any such nonsense ;). I really don't have any advice for you other than to definitely tell him to eat a bag of dicks if he comes crawling back.

    • Not knowing the dynamic, I can't offer any rational decision for him going back to her considering. Other than maybe wanting to be together with one of his kids' moms.

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  • Men can be jerks sometimes..
    Try staying single for a while and focusing on yourself...