I think the guy I'm dating might be wearing foundation... should I ask?

I've been going out with this guy for a about a month and everything is actually going really good. He has really amazing complexion which is one of the most attractive things about him. I mean his face is like really flawless and always looks really vibrant and healthy.

My girlfriends think he wears foundation because sometimes his skin tone changes really slightly and his skin is just too nice to be natural. I haven't really noticed any signs of foundation on him but his skin does change tones a little from day to day so it might be possible.

Should I be like "so my friends think you wear foundation" and see how he reacts to it? Or would that just make things awkward even if he doesn't wear foundation?


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  • You could be really sneaky about this. When you go to his house, go into his room with him. Look around for any sign that he does. If there are no signs, go to the bathroom. Pretend you're going to the toilet. Open cupboards and have a nosey. Just make sure he doesn't notice. And remember to flush the toilet ;) If there aren't signs then you should probably just leave the subject. Forget it, he's probably just got good skin. Hope this helps. Best of luck

    • This is probably the safer option. Asking him outright could either be no big thing, or absolutely mortifying for him, depending on his personality and/or insecurities. Just don't get too nosey, everyone deserves their privacy, even if they have flawless skin.


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  • just ask woman! dam whats wrong with you? its like me thinking my gf wears lynx mens deodorant or some shit i would ask her straight out! your relationship must be really comfortable.. goodluck :)


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  • All I know some guys like to have nice skin, even healthy skin. So yeah they do use makeup.