Need advice from girls only?

For what reason do girls not go out with guys like myself who are mature and good hearted and instead go out with complete dumbasses that eventually break up with them? Also girls, why do you expect everyone to feel sorry for you when you go out with an idiot and it doesn't go well and you break up and act like its the end of the fucking worle?

Also me I live in Wyoming so im a rancher at heart and reality. Love being relaxed not on edge all the time.


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  • I don't know I ask my self that same question why do guys go with all the stuck up, girls instead of the nice ones like me if she doesn't want to go out, with you that's her loss I bet your an awesome guy.😊😉

    • You're nice and you're very pretty someone good will come along and find you.

    • Aww thank you your very sweet.😘😁 good luck if she's smart she'll come to her senses.

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  • because girls at a young age, well me personally, get very panicky when a good guy comes along because they aren't used to this and the attention becomes too much. Therefore it is easier to go for someone who isn't there all the time and who isn't an angel but he makes you feel special and you are trying to make yourself his one and only. However that doesn't really work. Also when a girl has been treated like shit by guys in the past she eventually starts to believe that there is someting wrong with her and that she doesn't deserve to be happy so when a nice guy comes along she pushes him away because she thinks he will hurt her just like everyone else did. Also, sometimes girls like to feel weak I mean I am generally a very tough person but when my ex broke up with me I did go round sulking for about a week even though I knew he wasn't worth it but I just mentally and physically couldn't cope with the fact that soemthing that seemed so true and real and that someone that meant everything to you could just turn out to be a waste of time. But don't worry just wait for the right girl : ).

  • If you are actively trying to find a girl, and go on dates, but it isn't working out, then my strongest opinion would be to change your approach... if you have in fact spoke to enough women in the past. Some girls may date people who might not be the wisest choice, and the failures will always be the topic most vocal. Everybody hears about somebody breaking up, but nobody ever talks about what a lovely evening two people had together last night, etc.

    I personally don't like people who feel entitled, by proclaiming their so called positive attributes, suggesting that they're more worthy or valid than the next person. Only the girl can select that, and in this instant, she may have not selected you. So, keep on looking! =)

  • They like a challenge.
    Girls think these type of guys are entertaining.. Like something to look forward to. Nothing boring, and shit happens all the time.

    Nice guys don't give them much if a challenge since they're so nice. Girls take niceness for granted. But not all girls do.

    Most girls love nice guys! Even more so after they learned from their mistakes... unless their into sadistic shit.

    But there's ALWAYS a time when a girl falls in love or gets attracted to bad boys...

    It's probably the vibe they have...

    Studies also show that guys who dont smile give the illusion of being more attractive. this is just random by the way ^

  • Girls like me intend to fall for the ones we know will hurt but eventually they will see the good guy and want them.. I fell for a dumb ass all he wanted was sexually reasons but i didn't let anything happen... So i found a kind sweet hearted guy but now all we do is play games we never really talk.. some girls might be worried about talking to them... we as girls want any one to feel bad for us when we get dumped for more attention and hopefully her new crush will want them..

  • Lol. Girls just like badasses, they're like a challenge you don't always know how to handle. A good guy is eventually what all girls are looking for but something they hope to find in someone who is really bad.

  • under 18 and Mature -_-


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  • Sorry for being a dude, dude. But i can answer you the question fairly well.
    Seeing yourself as mature and good hearted, doesn't mean you are just that. Also, you possibly think the same way these girls you go after think. They usually run after the bad guys and you run behind the bad girls. (Who run behind the bad guys)
    Why don't you try going out with a mature and kind girl? Cause at the end of the day you just think like the girls you described.
    Sorry, i didn't want to offend you in any way. Just to give you a little reality slap. (Used to think like you when i was a teen)