I think this guy I met on tinder is playing me?

He meets me only during weekdays and meets me once a week and doesn't text in between to just ask about my day etc. He is very smooth during the dates and then distant and he only texts a day before the date for a short time. So I'm guessing he is a player. Whenever I text he says he's really busy even though he is always online.

So how do I deal with this? We've been on four dates and I still feel like I don't know him at all. Should I just avoid him and not reply to his texts when he asks me to meet or give him another chance? Help me.


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  • Don't avoid him if he texts you just STOP chasing him!!! Guys like a chase so if your constantly putting effort they will notice that and get turned off easily.. so I suggest have your own life go out and be busy as much as you can that way you don't have to think about what he is doing.. it may take daysss until you hear from him but that's how guys are the more you chase them or put interest in him he will back away and yoi don't want that... So make HIM chase YOU.. don't text him anymore and basically forget about him!!! If he is interested in you he will go after you so for now let it go k I know it's stressful but worry about YOU


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  • Play him at his own game, be minimalistic & make him want more. He probs doesn't always get girls who will play him at his own game & he'll be pleasantly surprised

  • Why just because he doesn't text you often is he a player?

    Seems to be his strategy is to not be so clingy/needy so soon. He's playing it cool, getting to know you during the dates. Not everyone loves reading screens as a way to know the other.

    • I wouldn't mind if he didn't text me if he was busy but he is online all day on whatsapp, but if I I text him he takes one full day or more to reply. If this is a strategy it sucks so bad and he needs to find a new one.

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