So my 33 yr old buddy scored this hot curvacious 19 yr old brazilian gym chick... hey men in your 30s, what age group do you fancy?

i m 31 and i dont ususally date someone past 28. him getting such a young chikc put a smile on my face


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  • Sucks to be me sometimes. I've always wanted to hook up with a stud muffin and let him "score"...😐

    • lmao. score as in he got her heart... she's a really good girl and she goes to my school i found out... anyways, you are married so =P its just i m not ready for that chapter until i finish school and re mange my finances so i prefer much younger...

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    • yah i know. i come off very different on here.

    • @asker you probably come off the same in real life. people just aren't as honest in person.


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