Are there any girls that are virgns my age?

Seriously, I feel like barely any girls around my age (17) are virgins. Man, I really am a loser.


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  • I'm 18 years old (almost 19). I'm a freshman in college. Still a virgin.

    There's nothing wrong with me. I'm not weird or unattractive. It's not like I don't want to have Sex. I do want to! And I've had a few boyfriends. But I've just never been in love. I want sex to be with someone I love. Not just for my first time either. I mean for every time. Sex should be with someone you love.

    So I guess my point is that nothings wrong with you either. And if a guy I liked told me he was a virgin I would be glad. (Whether I was still a virgin or not). That's so much better than having slept with a bunch of girls. At least it would make ME feel better.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. I know it's frustrating, but it'll happen when it happens :)

    • Well, I've never had a mentally stable (and non-slutty) girl actually like me...

    • You don't know that. I'm sure normal (non-slutty) girls have liked you at some point. Most girls aren't just going to come out and tell you they like you. Unless you put yourself out there first.

      I'm speaking from personal experience. I'm a girl and I've NEVER told a guy that I like him (even if I do). I wait for them to initiate something. After they tell me that they like me or think I'm cute or whatever, THEN I'm willing to say that I feel the same.

      So have you been putting yourself out there? Because that's the only way :)


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  • I'm 21 and am a virgin. So... guess I'm not around your age? But because there are a lot of us older virgins... my guess is there are a lot of younger ones too :p You don't get to revirgin yourself :p

    • I don't see why people act like its so special, though, being a virgin. I'm just upset that, of the 10% of girls that aren't in a relationship! only 2% of them will be in the same boat as me.

  • Who cares?
    What business is it of yours?
    Focus on yourself and quit trying to force your morals on others

    • I don't give a damn about my morals, I have none, I just want to lose my virginity ASAP so I can quit being a suicidal virgin nerd (except I'm a step ford smiler type, so nobody really knows).

    • OMG!
      Angry man.
      You're mad because you can't find a virgin.
      Try the Middle East. I hear there are quite a few there.

    • No, I'm mad because *I* am a virgin.

  • I'm 26 and still a virgin by choice. You should be proud of yourself not feel like a loser.

    • Yeah, well, girls my age would sleep with almost any guy they've been dating for at least a month, even the nice girl-next-door types, but, no girl would date me, much less screw me.

  • there's plenty I'm sure. I'm 18 and a virgin and although I only have one virgin friend I know of a few people older than me and still virgins.

  • No your not a loser at all.

  • okay here's a true but totally awesome fact: guys value virgins more than non-virgins. you're like a package that hasn't been opened yet so be proud of yourself :)

  • me i am a virgin


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  • At 17, many girls (and of course guys) are virgins. I think maybe it seems like so many are not because they're the ones talking about it. The virgins don't go around telling everyone they are virgins, and guys don't go around talking about how they didn't sleep with a girl. Plus some people lie that they've had sex.

  • I wouldn't see it like that man, you have something seriously good to look forward to!!!

    • Likely 80 whole years of loneliness?

    • Na, but the negativity feeds itself. That's the problem with being down in the dumps over this stuff, it's hard to snap out of it. At a younger age you can't really see beyond a few years because there is so much uncertainty about what's gonna happen going forward. So all you see is your immediate situation, if its a bit crap you get depressed. Girls don't dig guys who are self deprecating either.

      When people were more respectable (fuckin years ago) the idea of having sex at 17 was raving lunacy, you're still a child really. Times have changed and the moral compass has been lost. Don't see not having sex at 17 as bad man, it's a really skewed social norm. Not being part of that club is ok.

    • When you realize that you will hook up with a girl one day (it's an inevitability, I assure you) the pressure is off. You'll find some girl someday that likes you, probably when you least suspect it. When you do- treat her nicely, be honest with her, respect her but don't place so much value on her opinion that you lose your shit. Since she'll be the first girl to show some interest, try not to cling.

      You'll be aiight. lol

  • I haven't dated a girl or have had sex, haven't even kissed a girl yet. I dont really care about that stuff though and im 17 aswell. Honestly I think getting girls will be easier when you're out of high school so don't sweat it.

    • Really? I'd imagine most girls are taken about a month into college.

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    • Exactly, so it's impossible in college, and, the key word here is "few".

    • Ya but who's to say a girl won't like you in college? It's very possible for a girl to be attracted to you and you to be attracted to her, just have some confidence and don't be so down.

  • If that's guna be ur pick up line i would start getin used to it. U need to stop callin ur self a looser to. How can u ask a shila to love u when i sounds to me like u hate u.