To late to get her number?

So anyways, right now I am in like a casual dating mood and have been doing it for a while. Anyways there are these three cute girls in my lab group. So far one of them has been trying to invite all of us to do something social at her place, but no one has followed through yet. Anyways we have been in this lab group for the past two months, and I am wondering is it to late to get one of the girls numbers? Maybe the one that wants to do the social gathering stuff?


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  • Here is a suggestion. Say that you guys should create a whatsapp group to arrange a get-together. Then you will have all three numbers. And if you are interested in a girl specifically then you can then write her a message


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  • Just ask her what her number is and say that you can help organise it. Next time you're all together bring it up. Agree with her on the subject and bring something forward. This should work. Hope it helps