Girl asks me to sleep over... help!?

Hello. I have been dating this girl. We have seen each other for awhile now. We went out the other night and we both had a great time and she asked me to sleep over. I didn't because she had to wake up at 530 in the morning and I didn't want to wake up that early. I didn't want to be an ass and just up and leave if something happend. So I asked if I could sleep over this weekend and she said yes of course. I am really nervous because I have never stayed over a girls house before in her bed. I need some advice what to expect or what it means for her to invite me to stay over the night. Thank you!


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  • It means she wants to sit up all night with you telling secrets and playing spin the bottle.

  • wow you bother about getting up 5.30 in the morning, while you can spend the night with the girl you like, sort out your priorities mate! Well if she wants you to stay over, it could mean you end up having s. x , the only way you can find out is by foreplay. take it slowly, and test the boundries, be respectful, but actually we both dont know what she wants from you, just stay calm and be suprised you could have a great time together no matter what. GL