She's never waited this long to reply, what should I do?

Been texting her for over a month with her leading me on along the way. We met once at my party and she said she'd love to see me again. She's called me really cute, adorable uses lots of lols in text, etc... She's pre med and I've asked her out multiple times but she usually has tests to study for or goes home on the weekend. It's been 3 weeks since then now... She's forgotten to text me a few times too when she said she would and I almost always have to initiate texting (usually every other day)... I finally got her to say that she could most likely go out with me tonight (she thought her sister might be visiting for her nieces birthday but said probably not) so I texted her yesterday and she replied once when I started the conversation but when I referenced today and going out she hasn't replied since... It's been a whole month we've been texting could she really just leave it at that and ignore me... I'm in shock!! I sent her another text after like a 6 hour silence saying I was getting mixed messages and wasn't sure if she was interested or not and if not I didn't want to bother her but she still hasn't replied... What should I do? Should I call her later today? I feel like I need some kind of contact from her so I don't feel like I wasted over a month of my life... I'm so depressed right now... :(


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  • Better wait for 2 or 3 days. Maybe her phone had broken. Or busy. Clam down. You already spend 2 months. I'm pretty sure you can wait for a few days more.


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  • I would recommend waiting, if she wants to talk she will get a hold of you but if she is on the fence, texting too much without a reply my seem clingy and push her away more. If she is not interested that is unfortunate but I would sugest letting her reply. Hope it helps