Men: getting laid after a break up good or bad?

Broke up wit my ex gf of 5 years 3 month ago. It was a mutual break up but everyday something reminds me of her not that i miss her but everything seems to remind me of her so basically she's in my mind every day.

I haven't touched a woman since we broke up is it a good idea to get laid to get over her. Or is she still gonna be in my mind after that? Or is it a goof idea. What do you men suggest?

  • get laid with a few women and she will be gone from your mind
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  • its normal to think of her and i should be alone for now
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  • Going promiscuous isn't such a great idea buddy. Seriously just do other things in life to remove her of any thoughts. I've been through the same deal and but had sex with women afterwards. Sure it took me out of that phase where i constantly thought about her, but it also made things worse between the women i was screwing. I felt disgusting with no respect for myself afterwards. You really want that?

    • Wow thats a great advice! Thanks a lot. Ill deff think about that. Although i haven't experience that and i feel like i need to go through that in order for me to say "yea i feel disgusting" but seriously i have tried everything i can think of and she's always there in my mind and the only thing i haven't done is get laid. For sure no relationship though.

    • If its been for a month shell definitely be fresh up there. Bouncing around isn't so great bro, please believe me. It kinda ruins your perspective and magic of real sex. Have sex when you're in love with someone.

      What i really recommend doing is deleting her off of everything. This means Facebook or any other social website, contacts on phone, text messages saved, photos of her on your phone. Ill tell you it felt so much better once i did those things. What you do by removing her off of all those things is by definition "moving on" and forgetting about it. Dont cling on to her. Good luck brother.

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  • Use this as a time to reflect and grow in yourself. The break up feelings suck and feel like drawn out death, going through a similar situation at the very moment, but if you don't utilize this very "unique" time you could miss out on something in yourself that could aid in your next relationship being the one.

  • Everyone is different, but over exposing yourself to STDs to get over someone seems counter productive. Just a thought - it's scary out there lol.

  • It's normal for you to think of her, and have sex with a bunch of women to ease the pain.


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  • The saying "to get over some one you should get under someone new" resonates here yup go find yourself a friends with benefits but def dont jump into a relationship as you do need time to be an individual and not a part of a couple.

    • Wow thats a great advice! Thanks a lot. Ill deff think about that. For sure no relationship though

    • Yeah man no prob, good luck to you.