Date Got Canceled, what now?

i was suppose to go on my first day today with my new boyfriend. we planned this out like two weeks ago (last weekend he was busy) and every single movie we wanted to watch got canceled. I was looking forward to it and now we have no idea what else to do next week. it bummed me out and now i have no idea what to do for the night.

We can't thing of anything else to do for the first date, does anyone have any ideas?

also does the guy usually pay? or do i bring money with me in case?

  • try movies again
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  • bowling
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  • something else
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  • you don't have to do any of that cliche stuff. you guys can walk to a park and sit there and chat. it still counts as a date. but if you want some cliche first date, sure go for it, but be sure to bring some money too. don't be assuming anything.


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  • Do your school homework together

  • Candle lights, mood setting, bottle of wine, roses.. itll do the trick.. Works every time ;)


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  • You can't think of literally anything else but going to the movies? Try to expand your minds a bit. There's heaps of stuff to do. Anything that involves getting to know eachother.