What makes a guy who's not a standout on dating sites more likely to get traction?

Not incredibly youthful nor ready for a nursing home. Not ripped like an athlete or incredibly large & sedentary. Not wealthy or on the verge of being homeless. Not as interesting as Hollywood's top performers, just a regular guy with common interests. Somebody like the majority of regular people.


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  • I'd reckon a funny profile would garner more attention. Show your intellect and humor and you'll stand out above the crowd.

  • I tried online dating and about 99% of the messages I got just said "hey" or "what's up" or "how you doing, sexy?" and nothing else. If you comment on a few things specific to her profile and ask a question or two also specific to her profile, it will make you stand out by showing that you are willing to put time and effort into the relationship. It is obvious when someone just copy/pastes the same generic message to everyone, or when someone is just bored or looking for sex.


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