Does guys likes a confident woman or needy?

I have no difficult to get a guy I want but the thing I have problem keep them in long term relationship.

I am smart and great at what I do also I am very sweet and gentle but I found some guys likes that in the first place but they want to be w needy girls who need bf all the times.

I love being around my man but I am also okay have him to hang w other people but some guys take that in wrong ways they thinks I am not that into them then they goes to girls who wants to be around bf all the times

what do I need to do to keep relationship in a long term period? I don't act like it hurts me peeps even thinks I am too strong to get hurt by any man. But I am very sensitive and not as strong as what people thinks..


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  • Every guy is different so there is no right answer here. I do think most guys want to feel wanted / needed by their partner, just like girls do. But that's a subjective thing and hard to describe.


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  • Some are both confident and needy. Best not to be too much of either one.

  • love is love i tell ya


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  • Not sure if you're from the US, but I can only tell you about American men. Men here definitely don't like needy. They run - no, sprint! - for the hills the minute a girl displays signs of neediness.