A guy I was talking to for four months was just using me for sex. Should I tell him about it or just ignore him and move on?

I feel like if I just ignore him without saying anything, I would just be letting him off the hook. If I should or shouldn't say something, why or why not?

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  • Ignore him & forget him forever
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  • Tell him about it, THEN ignore him & move on
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  • tell him about it doesn't sound to nice that you let someone sleep with you without knowing what they want, four months is surely long enough to find that out, speak you're mind you are who you are! goodluck :)


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  • Was there a reason to expect the relationship was more than just sexual? Did he lead you to believe it was or was that just your own expectation?

    Lots of people have friends with benefits relationships. If that's what he wanted and didn't lead you to believe it was something more, I don't see where he did anything wrong.

    • When I first met him, he was so charming and nice, hung out with me with no problem. As soon as we had sex for the first time, we haven't been out together since, just him wanting me to come see him, so he can touch and feel all over me kiss me and get his blow jobs along with sex. Everytime I try to break away from him, he makes me feel like I'm the bad person or I'm being irrational. I wasn't looking for a relationship, but I also didn't sign up to be his on-call booty call.

    • I'm still not convinced he did anything wrong here. friends with benefits relationships are very common today and in those relationships both partners are in it for the sex. Did he set the expectation that your relationship was more than that?

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  • You were used and abused for a Month of Mondays, sweetie. And you will Never find closure, be able to move on, get this out of your mind that you were a cutie convenience, some bud's booty, Until you tell him what you think, put him on your pay no mind list and then go on your merry way.
    Tell him thanks for the ball, it was a long haul, but I am no longer your booty call...
    This little lesson in life and love will make you wiser, grow stronger and know what to look for and Not in the future... close the chapter to this page in this fair weather book that ended Happily with you having the last word.
    Good luck. xx

  • If you "Ignore him & forget him forever" - you'll always think that you should say something
    If you "Tell him about it, THEN ignore him & move on" - he can respond and you can be more angry about him... If you are strong, really confident about your opinion, have good arguments, and it's ok if he respond.. go ahead: "Tell him about it, THEN ignore him & move on"
    If you are conscious that maybe it is a little your fault, move on. I think that someday you will laugh about it because we always laugh about shits...

  • telling him about it, then ignoring him and moving on seems like the best choice. you deserve a guy who loves you for who you are and not just for sex. but whatever happens, stay strong! xx

  • Confront him about it and see what he says. Then you can ignore him.