How to know my guy friend like me more than a friend!?

I will like to as my guy friend that I have been hanging out if he feels the same way as I do for him! Just scare to get rejected! He enjoys my company, always replies to my text, hugs me and smiles all the time we see and hang out! He shares lots of things, like pass relationships, his rejections by girls, family and friends, problems he is facing right now. He tells me that he appreciates me being a good friend and he thanks me for the talks! Last time I talked to him I told him maybe the right girl could be closer than you think and he replied as he is taking it one day at a time and he will see where his path takes him but always with an open mind! I'm lost, I need help before I ask him if our relationship will be moving beyond a friendship relationship!


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  • go out on a friend date with him. go with the pretense of just friends but be a little flirty and if he tries to make a move then you have your answer. from what you described he probably likes you but is just as unsure as you are and he might jut need a little more time


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  • Just think of it this way: all these load that you just said, he's also thinking about it.
    Since you two are rather close, there's a high chance that he likes you, and is also afraid of taking it to the next level. But if that's the case it doesn't mean you should wait for him to make the first move.

  • Ask him to play 20 question in 20 question you have to answer yes tell him this. Then ask a bunch of random questions till the questions get a little more serious. Then just ask if he like anyone. If he says yes next turn ask who.


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