Is it friendzone? How can I escape it?

So I know this guy for about 5 months ago, but we only started being friends for like 2 and a half months, we started hanging out every single day. Of course we always have fun and laugh a lot, and he always buys me food (lol!). He's very open to me, we do have a lot of different convos, we can talk about almost anything. But we almost never go out just the two of us, we're always with at least another person, even if we do have some alone time. We do flirt, he plays with my hair, playfully bites me, we kissed once at a concert but only bc it was on truth or dare i thinks so. I'm the only girl in our group of friend (my friends are mostly guys) but I'm the closest to him. Even tho when we go out we talk loads he never calls or texts first even though he answers really fast. Am I becoming his bff? How can I let him know that I've been crushing on him since forever without damaging our friendship?


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  • I feel like the "friendzone" happens only when a guy doesn't want to date a girl. I've "friendzoned" girls before, but that's because I honestly didn't want to date them. If he likes you, he's not gonna friendzone you, just talk to him!


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  • You can't be friend zoned beautie :p
    Just confess.

    • I would confess if I'd be sure he likes me back. I really dont want to ruin our friendship and make things awkward. I'll try to do this tho, if I have he guts

    • Whatever the result.. Just confess it. I am saying you... do it.

  • Tell him how you feel... or, ask him out


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  • I confessed to my guy friend and it didn't ruin the friendship, but unfortunately he isn't interested in me in that way :(

    I said that I'd like to see if there was any potential for a relationship, which he agreed to. After a few weeks he decided he didn't want a relationship with me. However he is still keen to be good friends - but I don't know if my heart can take it.

    • oh my god im so sorry dear :c see i dont want this to happen to me either! still im confused i dont know if he thinks of me as a friend or a dating option. at least he didn't got scared and run (which is what i think my crush would do)

    • Thank you. It's been very upsetting for me but I don't think he realises it.
      Sorry I couldn't be of more help to you, but I simply had to say something when I read the comment that guys never friendzone a female friend. I guess my guy friend hadn't friend zoned me, because he gave me a chance, but NOW he HAS friendzoned me.