What are the chances a woman would date a man who has no money and no job?

I have always been single. I don't want to be single. I kept my last job for four years and the one before it for thirteen years. I have been looking for work for three years now. If I did not have a food allergy, I would have settled for a fast food job already. Between being lonely and being broke I find I need someone to talk with. Having no girlfriend in my life is hard and having no money keeps me home every nite. I am also the type of person who is completely devoted to a woman when I give her my heart. I don't play games or run around.


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  • Being jobless and broke is definitely not a pro. You should find any kind of job. Let it be physical, factory, even voluntary.
    Being jobless for 4 years just because of food allergy sounds odd to me.
    As long you don't have a "life" aka own business to spend time on, girls will not be attracted to you really.
    I'm sure you can find something. Go to a job dispatcher office (do whatever it is called), or search on the internet and you'll find something. Before that, don't want to have a girlfriend. You won't be able to maintain a relationship as you are TOTALLY broke. And no girl (nor guy) would want someone to hang on her wallet.


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  • A lot of woman want to feel secure and have a little bit of money just to make them feel secure. I guess there are a lot of girls out their that don't care about money maybe get out a bit more, cafe's and clubs ect.
    Also just be yourself, don't lie about your money problems. Get straight to the point about that because if a girl truly loves you she won't really care about that.

  • Focus on yourself first, get a job, if you can't get a fast food job, get a retail job, Wal-Mart, Target, SOMETHING. It's important that you build yourself up as a man and have some kind of foundation first before trying to find a woman to give your heart to. Women appreciate a man who can take care of himself. that's what it really comes down to. So take care of yourself first and you might luck out and meet a woman at work! good luck


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  • There is always a chance. I have seen women saddle themselves with jobless losers before. Now I'm not saying that to be mean but that's the label you are going to get from friends and family. Also no matter how sweet and devoted you are she will tire of either being at home all the time or paying for you two to go out eventually and we you do eventually argue about something the first thing she is throwing in your face is you don't work, have money or do anything educational to get a degree or learn a new trade.