How to make a guy comfortable enough to be honest with you?

I thought people are just always honest. But i guess that's just me.

Now it seems in order for a guy to be completely honest with you they have to be comfortable. How do you make a guy comfortable enough to open up?

Why can't a guy be honest. What can I say to reassure a guy that he can be honest with me and I won't shame him for it.


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  • I don't trust people so I have hard time to open up to someone. They have to open up to me before I do.
    But if she's my gf then I do trust her, but I still need some sort of prove that she won't judge me, and that is done by every day actions. If I do or say something and she judges me, then I will definitely take more time to open up to her.

    • So if you she asked you a question and you were afraid she would judge you, you would lie to avoid telling the truth because you are not comfortable with opening up with her? Or would you tell her the truth anyway?

    • Depends on the question, if for me is a big deal, I wouldn't answer I'll figure a way out of it. I wouldn't lie, just won't answer what she asks. Just like how sportsmen avoid questions.
      If it's not such a big deal I'll be honest hoping she won't judge me.
      It's my previous experiences the ones that make me act like this. Believe, I wish I was able to open up easier.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • When my girlfriend and I started talking I was really uncomfortable with telling her certain things because they were really personal and I felt like she would judge me the wrong way and possibly not even like me anymore. I got over this fear of rejection sort of say when I realized that she was the same way.

    Early on in our relationship I played a game with her where we just told each other of things that were weird that was like a secret in a way. Things that you just wouldn't tell friends and maybe even family members. Anyway trust comes with time.

    Also some guys typically aren't honest because they don't like to be the one to break the hard news to you. Your typical example of that would be asking a dude if he thinks you're fat. If you really are he would say no or at least say you're big but just fine the way you are. White lies. If you're talking about in the sense of if they were to be cheating on you once again they know its bad.. they don't want to hurt your feelings. What she doesn't know doesn't hurt her.

    • Wow thanks so much. You guys sound like you had a awesome relationship.

    • Thanks. We're still in a relationship but I'm slowly losing it. I feel like we're married we're starting to argue all the time. x. x
      But hey things always gets better right? :3

  • Get him drunk, sitting on the other side of the world anonymously on the internet.

    What exactly You want him to be honest about? It depends.

  • If he knows that you might reproach him probably he won't in the moment but at some point he will. Like when I use to say to my long distance girl friend: hey baby... Wanna see me naughty? And she ends up reproaching me or get naughty also to reproach me next day. I donĀ“t give fuck to be sexy with her anymore. If she wanna see me like that I let her know that she better tell me because I am fucking tired of the discussions. And that is how we tend to be honest, when we are tired of the problems that appears over and over again.

  • You cannot make other people comfortable enough to do anything.


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  • You need to talk to him, to trust you the he he can be honest