How soon do your parents & boyfriend/girlfriend meet?

How long after you start dating do you bring your partner to meet your parent (s)? And how do you go about? Do you meet at their house or go out for lunch or whatever? You can share past experiences. Thanks!


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  • Prior to my last ex, I was single for 4 years & hadn't had a boyfriend since I was 16. Some of those guys I brought over to the house, some never met my parents. But I don't think I ever introduced them as my "boyfriend" because we weren't together very long anyway.

    My last ex never met my parents. We both live on the other side of the state, about 2 hours away from my parents (I'm in college).

    I'm very peculiar now about bringing men to my parents' house, not because of my parents, but for another reason. Either way, it would take some months before I actually introduce them.


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  • Never. I hid her away.


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  • With my boyfriend, it took a while, nine month I think. We sped the weekend at my dad's place, went for a walk and a a restaurant. He met my brother that weekend too and it all went wel

    • Thanks.
      Glad things went well! :)

  • My parents never met my ex or the new one because they're always busy. It doesn't matter anymore I'm a woman and i can take my decisions by my own.