Guys: Do you like being mushy and gushy over text and in person?

Do you guys out there enjoy sentimental and gushy texts and PDA and such? What things do you like VS what things don't you like?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'm down for some PDA, I could careless about whose watching my business, but there's a limit. I don't do free shows, you gotta pay for that and I'm not cheap either. Holding hands, small kisses here and there, finding a small hole in the wall area for a full make out session is great especially when the damn rain is pouring down. I don't mind gushy texts from a girl but I would tell her in advance that even though I may be romantic I no jelly-filled donut whose about spill my guts through a text. I have other ways to express myself but texts hmmhmm not too much I'd rather flirt, tease face to face. In texts there's too many chances for things to get misconstrued, that's why I like calling far better, plus I get to hear the girl's voice. Being on training missions for days and weeks perhaps a month or two , just to hear her voice is like the greatest thing.


What Girls Said 1

  • No. I don't like it over text, and I don't really like it in person either. I'm not a fan of PDA either. I'm just not that full on with vocal sentiment. I'm more reserved about it. Too much makes me feel uncomfortable.