Why is gossip and drama inevitable in the workplace when you date a coworker?

At my job we work independently and on our own. Not at an office with a team like most jobs. This girl and I are getting to like each other. We went on one date so far and I'm planning on the next one. Now already some of the coworkers know we went on one date, and now gossip and rumors are beginning to surface.

Why do they give a shit? Why can't coworkers just date each other in peace?


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  • Because they probably have boring lives and people love gossip and romance in the workplace. It's inevitable and unavoidable and yes very annoying


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  • Dating at the workplace is not smart at all. Imagine when the relationship goes bad. It will be hell.

    • Luckily I'm at a job where if the relationship goes bad, we can arrange it so we never have to cross paths ever again. Plus we are not making careers out of this job she and I have, so we'll hopefully be out of this company doing what we both were put on this earth to do in the forseable future

    • Being messy at work undermines your professional reputation and when it comes times for references , you might feel the sting.

      It's never a good idea.

  • They want drama to gossip about with each other, and your situation is entertainment with the way it can blow up in your face it does not work out.


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  • Humans are a social species. Gossip is just a form of that social expression.