Shy guys doomed to be "cute" but single forever?

On MULTIPLE threads with the same general question of "are us shy guys unattractive and doomed?" over half the girls reply that they find shy guys "cute" or that they would like to be with us, ok, if that's the case why is it so many of us have yet to even hold a girls hand? Why are we lied to like this? If we are supposedly acceptable in a lot of girls' minds, why are we still sitting here waiting to be told we're wanted and don't have to be alone?


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  • because girls can be shy too. so even though you are wanted... neither party is willing to make a move.


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  • I actually agree with Harakiri. Girls can be shy too.

  • Just try your best to be confident, even if things don't work out. Try talking to girls like just talking to build your confidence they are people too. Who knows you might just click with a girl while you are talking to her.