I have a girlfriend... what now?

So I've been hanging with this girl for like a month or two and two days ago I asked her to be my girlfriend as I said goodnight and haven't seen her since then. Today I will see her at school and don't know if I should act different and stuff.. We never hugged or kissed at school before. Do I just start doing it now or? I guess I'm just worried if I should be acting different or be hugging her or kissing her at school just because it's now official. Our relationship has always been a bit different/weird at school and we both know it. Any advice?

***she said yes right after and I kissed her goodnight (I've kissed her goodnight a few times)***. Sorry I forgot to tell you that part


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  • just remember this, the gf/bf title does not grant any more opportunities as a normal friendship does, but it finally opens up the possibility into getting those opportunities, ex, intimate hugs, kissing, holding hands, etc. so go with the flow and do it when it feels right and you are comfortable and confident in doing it. don't force yourself.


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  • Start slow at school with a hug and make sure she's comfortable with it

  • Take it slow, I'd feel a little weird if someone's behavior towards me changed over a night, and wouldn't know how to react. Build it up and don't rush it, or force it ^^

    • Thanks!! I'll try my best to act my usual self

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  • Did she say yes? All you said to her was goodnight, and haven't heard from her since. That doesn't sound like much of answer.

    • Yes aha sorry I forgot to say that! She said yes! She really likes me and I really like her we both know that

    • Well then just act normal round her. I think BertMackinFBI said it all really.

  • love her and ttreat her with trust.

  • You swarm her with loving affection. At least according to this website's advice column.