I'm a 25 year old Virgin?

There have been opportunities to have sex. I obviously haven't given in for various reasons. One being the fact I haven't met anyone I've had strong feelings for. I keep getting weird reactions about it, i went on a date and I was being really awkward (I'm never like this). I'm a tad bit shy however It almost seemed like I was soo uncomfortable around him and he asked if I was a Virgin. Then I started getting paranoid thinking I had Virgin written on my forehead. I'm in no way worried he is just after sex because other than that sex hasn't been brought up and he hasn't tried anything ( my friend seems to think otherwise, but I know different).

Since the date two weeks ago we haven't talked about it. At the time I asked where the question came from and he said he could tell by the way I was. He didn't laugh or anything. He just kinda seemed a bit shocked by it.

Anyway I wanna bring it up though. It's really bugging me, it's not the first time someone has come to this conclusion out of nowhere.

Do you think I should or wait for the topic to come up?


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  • if its bothering you too much then just mention it. casually if you can. otherwise, it would be better to just wait until it naturally comes up again.


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  • I don't see a problem telling him. It's not like it's disgusting or anything. I my opinion it is an absolute honor to take a girls virginity.

  • wow, this is very shocking coming from a woman


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