From 1-10 rate me and how do you see me as a person?

ok this is not fishing for complements or about insecurities blah blah...

im just curiouse,...

this is one of my instagram pics in my avatar,...

,... i kinda wana get the idia in how people would view me in appearance & personality wise,...

i ask this becuase im homebodied i never get out much,.. but people just kinda get bored with me after a few minutes and never really let me tag with them along,...


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  • there's no pic lol

    • lol now there is now,...

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    • I use to get that too when I was in serious mode. Totally understand what you mean!

    • thats cool, usually all some would say keep smilling etc etc,... but its good to know that some could kida get it ed stuff...


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  • Ok here's how it's done your username has '487' at the end

    4 + 8 = 12

    12 - 7 = 5

    You get 5/10

    So people don't let you roll with them? You should roll with me instead

    • lol...

    • remember the numbers don't lie, I knew you'd like it.

      I'm glad you're having fun

  • You're attractive. I like your eyes.

    From your homebody comment. I'm guessing you're a little on the shy side? When people get bored with you. Why? Is it because you aren't much of a conversationalist?

    • yes thats my main problem, i suck at making convo and i shy out,...

    • OK. Well that's not terribly difficult to fix. I'm the same as you. Once I said "nice day today" That's it I used all my conversation skills. LOL! After a minute or so they drift off to someone else.

      My therapist recommended a book to me. And it is helping. I by no means can talk your ear off. But I'm getting better at keeping a conversation going. I still have room for improvement, but I'm getting better.

      Maybe it's something you would consider.

  • You can't tell a personality from a picture at all, neither what people might get bored with you or not. If you want to interact with more people don't be such a homebody you'll be more sociable and make more friends which you can tag along with.

  • I'd give you a 7. you look more reserved than outgoing. Asian or Mediterranean heritage? probably quite loyal.

    • lol na im middle eastern, but no my family ain't strict etc etc,... yes i am reseverd,... what can i show to others that im not too resevered?

    • western asia. It's not a bad thing to be reserved but it does mean people have to go out of their way to get to know you. A lot of people who are reserved wait until they feel comfortable before making a contribution on a social stage, maybe down to fear of rejection. It stems from school usually. As you get older you get more comfortable in your own skin and people get more mature. You're good looking so you have that on your side, don't be afraid to express yourself. Find something you enjoy doing and join other people doing that, that way you have common ground and it makes it easier.

  • You are really cute, I am like you to be honest, introverted, people don't take much liking to me even though I'm ok looking, if I first saw you I wouldn't say you would be a house bound person, you look pretty prim and proper, I'd say maybe your personality or your interest in other people is lacking.

  • I would rate you a 10 cause i like the home bodied , i never get out much

  • Chocolate Cake/ 10


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  • Well of course none of us here will have any idea at all about your personality, so sadly won't be able to rate you.

    On your appearance just two words comes to mind... Stunning & Beautiful. :)

    And I do so envy all you girls who have the courage to put this type of question on here... I quite simply could never bring myself to do the same.

    • aww thanks for you comment and option, hope you have a good day you :)

  • I don't know you personality, but you look really nice :)

    • aww thanks :)

    • Its okay, I also believe you should have more confidence, you are very pretty :)

    • yes i do lack of confident,.. and thank you for your option, hope you have a good day you :)