Why am I stuck alone?

No matter how hard I try I'm stuck alone. So what's wrong with me? I'm 5 ft 9. 140 lbs I'm fairly slim. I'm great at making friends with girls, I'm Bi, easy going, can be protective. I just can't stand it!!! What's wrong with me? It's like the moment I try to be in a relationship everyone stays away from me. What am I supposed to do?


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  • Think more in a positive attitude. So you attract the right kind of energy. I know that sounds silly, but give it a try if you'd like. Have you tried flirting with any of your girl friends, to open doors?

    • I try to be positive but I'm always rejected whether it's a guy or girl. I do flirt a bit and try to stick to one person.

    • Sticking with one person? Yeah, that makes sense. I understand. I do the same as well.


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  • I have no problem with Bi people, but could it be that your friends might. It could be that they dont mind you being Bi as a friend but they wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone who is. If that could be a possibility, try looking for other Bi people, that way you know that there shouldn't be a problem, and if it is then it least its not from you sexuality. U seem normal to me

    • They haven't said they're uncomfortable about it or anything. And our school is full of gays, lesbians, and Bi's.

  • Maybe you're trying to hard?


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