How do I know if he's just looking for sex or a relationship?

This guy and I have been talking for almost 2 months. We went to the movies the first time we actually met. Since then we've only been to his house to hangout. It's a small town with not much to do plus he gets off at 10 at night and its the only thing we can really do. We started out watch movies at his place and laughing and talking. When were watching movies he'll playfully try to push me off the bed, right when he's about to he'll grab me. He started playfully trying to push me off the bed again and when he pulled me back up he pulled me close and kissed me. We started making out and he was rubbing my stomach lightly. After kissing for a while he pulled me close again and we cuddled. He asked me if I wanted to stay the night because it was so late but I couldn't because I had to get up early. So three days later I got there, we watched some TV. He would lean over and say he wanted a kiss. And then we would cuddle. We ended up having had sex but we had talked about it before and knew it was going to happen. After that, he was talking to me about his family and where he grew up and I met his little brother on face time. I stayed the night that night but didn't have sex anymore after that. I had to leave early but before I did he wanted a kiss. He told me he didn't want me to go and we cuddled until I absolutely had to go. He texted me later that day asking how I was feeling because it was such a late night the night before and he knew I was tired. He seems to be really caring. We text everyday and just talk about anything and everything. I want to know what his intentions are for us in the future but I don't want to be THAT girl. I mean would guys that just want sex and not a relationship blow raspberries on your stomach and cuddle so much like he does. He always tries to make me laugh and does kisses me playfully and tickles me. So even though we already had sex could he still want a relationship?


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  • Has he asked you out/established where 2 months may be headed to?

  • he seems serious for a relationship.


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