Dating or not dating ever?

Sorry for asking, I'm 18 years old, I'm ugly, I have loved someone before but it was a mistake I was used and cheated on, there for I sword not to date again until I find the one to love but no luck so far, I see people dating and parents asking if I have gf I dont, but in my heart will there be someone to love me, I hate girls how they r not honest of their feelings or not accepting might as well never date a again plus even who would date me I'm ugly as hell


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  • Dude women will not give you sympathy on this. I know ugly guys who bed plenty of women. Ugliness for a guy doesn't count much. If you fat, hit the gym, problem solved. If you over hairy, shave or trim, problem solved. Me thinks you have social problems;) that's the hardest part. Firstly, your comment is negative. Would you date a negative person? Then you don't like yourself, so how can you sell that to anyone? My advice (because I once was you and can relate) is the following: 1) write down why you think you are not worthy of a girl? 2) find a solution. Again, gym, keeping trimmed and clean cut helps. 3) ask yourself how good you are with guys and strangers in general. I found my problems were lack of social skills. 4) you can go for social skills training, I would even put in money to see a life coach or pick up artist (they force you into social settings 5) there is no such thing as the one. Your new approach is to experiment with women and test your assumptions. Have fun with them, don't try love each one you see. That don't need your love, this isn't a Disney movie. 6) do something social. Sport, chess club, book club, hobbies? And start initiating conversation. A good conversationalist and leader group is Toastmasters. Find a passion. Women love a guy with passion for something. 8) from today, tell yourself you can change instead of slipping back. I was once there. I am no player or pick up artist but I lost my bdd through gym and I am very social and have some women problems lol.


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  • how ugly is ugly? description or comparison to celeb? obviously looks are important, I wouldn't date someone less than a 5/10 and I'm a 9 in face, 15 in body. I know other girls are more superficial but some women are more open minded. But butt ugly isn't acceptable to me. Try to improve as much as possible to make up for it.


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