Girls I need some advice on a girl I am seeing!?

So I have been seeing this girl for awhile now. We have been getting serious. She told me the other day that she never wants to loose me. she told me she is afraid to say the wrong things to get me mad. So last night I went to see a nba game and after I texted her if I could come over. it was 9:30 and she was going to bed at 10. I asked her if I could come over for alittle. she said well I am going to be soon. So I said fine I just wanted to see you. so she said I see I pissed you off. I said no I am not pissed but I am upset cause I never get to see you anymore. let me remind you I hardly ever see her much anymore. maybe a week or 2. so going on then i never heard from her today. she texted me back after I texted her and she said I am annoyed with you because I feel like I have to walk on eggshells with you because I feel like I will make you mad if I say something wrong. I said I am sorry I make you feel like that but I never had any intentions to do that. Ladies, does this mean she is breaking up with me in a different way? I am confused with her because I didn't do anything wrong. I just told her I wanted to see her.


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  • us girls have a weird way of showing our emotions. we try to sugarcoat most of our feelings but i don't think she's breaking up with you. if you ever have any doubts about that - just ask her, "are you breaking up with me". She's probably just had a bad few days and with us girls, we take our anger out on anything so don't worry, just make sure you're there for her.

    • so if she was breaking up with me, she would just come out with it you are saying?


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  • She's not breaking up with you she's just mad

  • sounds like you need to have a discussion about boundaries. She does not want to upset you or lose you, so instead she holds everything in and then explodes later. She's putting undue pressure on herself because she does not have any confidence that you are going to stick around. Reassure her about what you like about her and why you want to have her in your life. Then let her know that you can express disappointment or anger without meaning you're going to walk out on her. She might have had a dad or brother that walked out on her and she is projecting that onto you.

    • she keeps giving me one answer texts. it feels like she isn't interested in talking to me. Should I just let it go and not text her anymore? I just feel like I am wasting my time here

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