What are most guys missing?

Whenever I hear a girl talking about this sort of thing they always mention IT. They say that guys who don't have IT shouldn't try dating until they are in their 30's. What is IT? what is this quality that is so attractive to girls? Why are most guys extremely unsuccessful with girls while other guys are? What is this magic that we are missing that you girls aren't telling us about? Just so you know, If you're gonna give me "If you have to ask you ain't up for the task", save it for someone else I don't believe in that unless it's something like trying to do basketball if you're really short.


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  • I think "IT" is charisma. Girls go for charismatic, charming guys. I think that is "IT". Think about it- girls go for guys who are able to draw them in and have irresistible personalities, not necessarily because of their good looks, although they really help sometimes.


What Guys Said 1

  • "IT" refers to a tangible element to their personality. In a word it's "presence".

    • So IT can be any strong personality trait?

    • It's not a "trait" it's simply a strong personality, period. Few people have it.