Dating for almost a year but can't hang out with his friends, and he's very secretive?

Been dating this guy for almost a year. he's very secretive. I can't hang out with his friends. And when he does he falls off the face of the earth. He may as well have his phone surgically attached to his hand so i know for a fact he has it and is choosing to ignore me and my existence. he's 32 and can't sit down and have an adult conversation about the details of our so called relationship. Every time i bring any of those things up, i am the bad guy. Also... Caught him in two lies... One where he lied about where he was and one he lied about having a tinder account. I've tried to move on but those two lies have been weighing on my mind as i try to progress in the relationship. Why is he so secretive? Why can he hang with my friends and i not with his? What should i do? I feel like he's cheating or embarassed of me.. Plus his ex gfs are gorgeous. Ugh


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  • Make sure he knows how you feel and that you're open with him, which it sounds like you are. Some people just have a hard time trusting others. It sounds like you're jumping to conclusions too quickly at the end there, but you probably know better than I do. Sounds like a tough situation. Hope things go well.


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  • Be honest with him and say it's be fun to meet your friends - let's all go see a movie or whatever. Have you met his family? also, when you were talking with him about your relationship, just be honest and say where you feel like you are at their relationship and ask him what he thinks of the future and how he feels about you. If he can't be straight with you, be with someone who will :) you deserve that!