Why do girls flake out when I try to setup a second date?

I don't know if im doing something wrong, but I'll usually try setting up a second date the next day after we had a date, and i'll tell her that I'd like to do something again at the end of the date. Honestly i'm not sure if i'm moving too fast. I always hear you setup the second date at the end of the first. I always hear back from the girl the next day after the date, so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong during the date. They don't flake out until I try setting up the second date and wait for them to say yes and setup the rest of the details.

Yes it was a dating site that I met her on. I'm starting to think that online dating is like winning the lottery. It's just never going to happen. Even though I got a date with a girl, she still has a billion other guys wanting to go on a date also so if my date wasn't amazing, she's not going to give it another thought. Maybe I should just quit the online thing and stick to approaching girls in real life, cause chances are she doesn't have a hundred other guys after her.
I'm not really that upset, cause it's still good practice.


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  • I would assume they're not interested, but I'm not sure of the reason why. If I like a guy, I'm excited about going out with him again and would make sure to follow through. Whether he asks right after the date, the next day, or two days from then, it doesn't really matter.

    • How come I always hear from them after the date?

    • Ohhh, online dating. Yeah, that may be the problem. Usually those people are dating multiple people at one time, so they might go with someone else. About hearing back from them - maybe they're just being polite, or keeping options open (as annoying as that is).


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  • They probably aren't interested but just ditching you and ignoring you isn't the way to go. they should be up front about it. Save both parties pain and humiliation

  • not interested. you need to ask the girl with no anger, what she found a turnoff on the date.

    • unless it is active online daters. they are innudated with date requests and can lose track unless you are a standout

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    • How come I always hear back from them after the date? One girl I even waited for her to text me first.

    • also you could learn a ton with a bunch of online dates. improve your social skills, so that when you meet that quality lady you are not as awkward

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  • Of cource its not idea to have second date that fast at least wait a week

  • They may think you're moving to fast or you come off as being desperate. After the first date, give it some time before setting up the next, girls like playing hard to get so throw that right back at them, don't text immediately and wait a few days before setting up the next date. These biches are constantly on their phones. It may be a risky move but its a good strategy, if she likes you enough though you'd be able to tell.

    And if they do flake, don't worry about it bro, on to the next one.

    • Maybe I need to do that and give them a taste of their own medicine.