I feel like the worst gf ever!

My boyfriend and I are playful and romantic. Than he's like I love you, why do you love me? I am like because you're handsome on the inside and out. He's like aw, no ones ever told me that before. Than he does a 180 and asks why is he a bad bf when I joke with him. I cry a lot because I get overly sensitive. He told me another girl asked him out. My mood just went from happy to sad a bit. I was kind of distant from him while saying goodnight. Yeah.


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  • I don't know why you feel like a bad girlfriend. It just sounds like you are a little insecure. You are entitled to feel insecure sometimes. It means you are a normal human being. I don't know why he told you another girl asked him out. It could be he was trying to get you jealous, or it might be that he didn't want you hearing about it from somewhere else and think he was hiding things from you. Either way you can tell him it bothered you, and that you don't want him telling you things like that anymore. He needs to know when he has upset you, so he has a chance to correct his behavior.

  • Don't beat yourself up about it. You're entitled to feel a little insecure when it comes to your boyfriend, it just means that you care a lot for him and don't want to lose him. But you also have to remember that he's in a relationship with you because he wants to be with you. If he was truly interested in sneaking around behind your back he wouldn't have told you about that girl at all and might've taken her up on her offer. Cheer up (: it might help to have a talk with him about how it made you feel when he mentioned that. If you do passive aggressive things like acting distant without telling your boyfriend something is wrong your relationship will spiral out of control.


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