Where do girls like to go on their first dates with guys besides eating?

Hi, got a question or you girls out there . Where do girls like to go on their first dates besides being invited to eat lunch or dinner etc . I have a friend (female) who gets hit on a lot and she tells me she is tired of the same invitations guys give her (lets go eat) lol . She says "Cant they think of something else ? " so I'm not sure what girls really like . Also she tells me that she knows most guys are inviting her because they wanna get her into bed and she isn't an easy woman but guys don't tell her straight up to sleep with them . She tells me is better to say it straight up (i wanna sleep with you) etc instead of hiding behind words and saying it in a complicated way . Is it better to say it straight up ? Or is it offensive for you girls ? What's the best way to ask in your opinion ?


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  • I rather have a guy tell me straight up - don't beat around the bushes - if you want sex - say you want sex ! It won't be offensive to me and there is no best way to ask cause every each girl is different and every each girl reacts to most things differently ! But that's just my opinion !


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  • Well you can take her somewhere you 2 can bond or have fun . Like Dave and Busters or find out what kind of things she like or what kind of music she likes . It's getting warm and it will be many concerts going on . Or if she like comedy try taking her to a show if possible . See where males go wrong is when they come off 2 strong and when they come off as 2 weak . You have to have a happy medium . Try to do things that will make her feel comfortable where she will let down her wall and have fun . DON'T do the boring nice restaurant or movie thing . BE CREATIVE !


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  • I'm failing to see the problem with asking a girl out to eat on a first date . If it's someone that you have just met, it's the perfect first date . It's relatively safe because it's in a public place and either person can leave if things go awry . It's also a safe and common way to sit together in one place and talk about interests that you share . After discovering what each other likes and doesn't like then a more interesting second date can be planned .

    Hell, we all have to eat anyway . So lets do that and then see what else we want to do together .

  • 1. Geocaching (look it up)

    2. Coffee and some board game (Usually gets into deep conversations. Trust me on this one)

    3. Hockey game

    4. Cliche Movie

    5. Local Band concert (makes them think your really cool in the musical sense)

    6. Sign Stealing (illegal. But exciting and makes the ladies unusually attracted)