When a guy is not receptive to your needs a. k. a. "too busy"?

I know, it means he is too busy. I have been dating a guy for 2 months now. We have been hanging out consistently, talking every day. He asks how my day is, says good morning, invites me over, takes me to dinner. He has never spent a weekend with me and usually goes MIA. That bothered me, so I asked him straight up what his deal is because it is confusing as shit. I told him I want to continue getting to know him but wanted to make sure we were on the same page. He responds, I really like spending time with you but I am really busy right now and cannot give you my full attention. Therefore I repeat myself and tell him that is not something I am looking for, clearly we are not on the same page. He ignores me and that is that... am I crazy or is this typical? I don't understand the ignoring part (not extremely mature for a 29 y. o male). Am I in the wrong for asking him such a thing?


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  • So what dies he do on weekends? Is he out with friends drinking or maybe with other women. So early in a relationship is not good for this behaviour maybe your better off looking elsewhere.


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  • The thing is, he's been honest and given you his answer, so it's a take it or leave it situation. I think he has good intentions and would like to pursue something, however he's just too busy and doesn't have time for a relationship. You can accept that and still try to make something happen, or you can stay true to what you don't want and walk away. This isn't a blind situation, don't set yourself up for further disappointment when you can already see the signs.