How have you handled rejection from a close friend?

Basically I had a talk with a close friend of mine yesterday telling him that I only thought of him as a brother and I wasn't ever going to be interested in him as more than that. He was alright with that when we were speaking, he handled it great actually.

But he then spoke about how he was feeling about it to a mutual friend and he said things like he felt like he wasn't good enough and that he was just giving up. Is this normal - I worry because he has had suicidal thoughts as of late, and was just thinking how close an eye I should be keeping on him

Oh and we work together as well, so we can't really avoid seeing eachother


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  • Time heals that wound, check up on him every so often, but also understand that you are why he's feeling that way, so keep a distance as well. Note I'm not blaming you, if anything I'd blame him, but you should understand that there is really only so much you can personally do.

    • Yeah, I'm trying to keep my distance a bit, but we work together so it's a bit hard. We were on together today, and he was really mopey - and I found out he cancelled on a friend cause he just really wanted to be alone - I just don't want him to do anything stupid cause he's hurt and upset :/


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  • Its fine, dont push him and he will be fine

  • Well you are awesome, I would be pretty depressed too:) but seriously it is tough. If he has suicidal thoughts, there is something deeper there. If you want to help, tell the other mutual friend (who he confided to) to seek help.

    • Haha thanks :) yeah there are a few other issues in his life and he told me he didn't feel like it was worth living (this was yesterday as well) I told him to talk to me if he was ever feeling down again and that he was really important too me and that it wouldn't be a burdan... But I don't know, he was really depressed and moody today at work and wouldn't really look at me... It just worries me especially as he seemed fine with it yesterday

  • I handled it like a ton of bricks. But its not like its a punishment to stay friends with someone whom you like on a more personal level, you learn to accept the way things are at some point.

    • So you kept being friends with her after? How long did it take you to get over her? He's kind of been on and off with me over the last 5 years, but we have never talked about it until yesterday when I gave him a clear cut answer

  • Its better for him, if he keeps you at a distance and take some time off from you.. he will do fine eventually..

    • The problem with that is we work together so I generally see him a couple times a week because of this :/

    • You may met him and now how you deal with him, you can start, being empathize with him..

      as for you , stop worrying about him, he is a boy he should behave with a mature and understanding that life never ends with a rejection and there are more adventours awaiting for him..

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