What should I do about this guy in my school who wants to hookup w me but everytime we set up a time he ignores my text and a week later comes back?

so i have this guy we were suppose to chill he set up everything the day and time so i text him the night before to know if we were still on but he reads it and doesn't answer me so i asked him whats going on and he never answer me so i gave up and the next day in school he was staring at me like he usually does everyday I don't know what to do I don't know whats his problem with me


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  • Ignore him, don't even look at him. If he texts or calls you don't answer or respond. Go hang out with your friends to pass the time.


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  • He's a player, either play his game, and ignore him back, and get one of your guy friends to act like he likes you and stuff or just move on from him and leave it at that.