We went out and I really enjoyed hanging out. Now he's not responding to my texts?

I went out on a date thing with this guy, and we had a lovely time. WE got some coffee, walked around downtown, and had some really nice conversation. I contacted him the next day because I remembered something related to what we were talking about the night before. No response. I texted him a few days later to see if he was busy on Saturday and wanted to do something. No response. I'm a bit confused, I asked if he had a good time at the end of our date (to which he said yes), and if he's not interested, he should really just say so. It boils down to the fact I enjoyed spending time with this person, and out of nowhere, he just shut down.


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  • maybe he didn't get the same vibe as you, maybe he got more of a friend vibe?

    sorry sweetie, but don't text him anymore. if he isn't responding to the Saturday text he's probably not into you. he needs to put in the work too. until then, forget about it and move on. i know it's easier said than done but it's true.


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  • Let him pursue you. If you do all the pursuing then he doesn't have a prize to work towards.
    If it doesn't work out to be anything then let it go because there is a man who will make something beautiful out of your two together.

  • He could be busy, I would wait it out and see if he contacts you, wait a week and if he doesn't contact you, I would suggest moving on