What do I do? Is he playing me or am I tripping? Does he care?

I'm a freshman in college and recently I've started talking to this dude. After three weeks we had sex. We have a couple times and I have never been had sex with anyone without being in a relationship. When it first happened I asked are we just messing around or are you trying to have a relationship. He said he eventually wants a relationship. But he never asks me about myself and when I tried to play 21 questions he just asked stupid questions. been s couple of weeks and he recently only wants me to go to his dorm and I don't like going there. It's just awkward his friends are always there at first. Everything I ask him to hang out he has an excuse. I feel like I need to be in a relationship if Im going to have sex with someone. This past week I stopped texting to him as much and he texted me asking if I was still into him. And I told him I feel like im putting out more that him. He said Thats not true and I should've said something. But that was It he changed the conversation. I have him in a class and he always talks and messes with me. I Feel like I'm putting myself through too much especially since we're not together. I just can't do it I catch feelings when I have sex.

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  • From the sounds of it, he doesn't want a relationship. It just sex. Get rid of him and move on.


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  • He is only looking for sex from you
    end it if you are not comfortable with it

  • Keep having sex, relationships are meant to fail anyways :P


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  • Please end it before u do catch feelings and get hurt. And if u decide to keep talking to him at least make sure u dont have sex until he commits and I mean claims u and proves himself ex. Takes u on dates introduces to friends like a gf not a fb that (guys / friends in dorm) don't speak to bc they know what time it is with u.