How can I ease a guy from a heartbreak?

well he pushing me away all of a sudden. he broke up wit me after 10 plus years because he felt i was too good for him but i still remained by his side because he felt like he wasn't shit in life. every female hurted him and left him for another man and still regardless of peoples opinions i stayed because i loved him and it hurted me to see him get done like that. i never cheated on him or even done him wrong. now he avoiding me all of a sudden and saying he dont wanna talk to me anymore, days ago he wanted to see me. out of nowhere he flip flopping backwards. he still answers the phone for me. im very confused. the girl he just had used him and left him for another guy and laughed


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  • Okay if I were a woman I'd give him space but not that far apart, include him in everything you do, and don't buy him anything he don't want. When I'm going through heartbreak, I tend to be a bit rude to next gal cause her behavior chart shows a repeat of my past. So I advise you to do is make sure if he likes you.. Other than that he can turn tables quick. Some guys will feel girls are sex toys and that if woman move in and so can he, this is a probable cause as I went through it. But I never tried it, I had urge though. But anyway, include in your daily activities, still keep your distance, make laugh everyone and then.


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  • Damn dats cold.. I don't know honestly just keep insisting on ur love