Guys: Why would you joke about being gay with the girl you like?

When and why would you say something like that to the girl you like? Does that mean you are really gay? help me understand this?


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  • Because the dude didn't have any other game.


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  • Repeating your question won't get you the answers you want to hear just annoy those seeing the same question over and over. by the way he's prob gay and testing the water to see how accepted he is.

    • Thanks for the honest advice if you wrote that the first time i posted the question i wouldn't have posted a second one!

    • You have to be patient for people to answer questions some people have answers days after they posted them. This isn't a fast food restaurant.

  • I would never say that first of all. That doesn't sound something I will never gofor.

    Worse thing I have ever done was be an ass to someone I like.

    • so he is saying that to get rid of me?

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    • Well yeah this guy admits he likes me then he tells me he is gettig attached to me so he blocks and unblocks me then he's the one who always initiates convos. Then he calls me a bitch, calls me ugly I tell him that's so immature of him and I don't wanna talk then he stops talking again for couple of hours then he comes back and says sorry and be really nice to me then he again calls me ugly fat what not then then we stop talking then he comes back again. Then now yday he was talking nicely over the phone out of no where he goes ok my cuz is callin I have to pick up his call I was like calm down ur not his bf. he goes I need to tell u something I was gay for 2 years and was in a relationship with a guy and then that guy dumped me and now I am over that phase and I like girls. I was like wtf he kept going on how people don't understand him then later I was like hey if ur doing this sick joke so That I should leave you then I was coz this is a turn off he goes Ya I was lying sorry

    • So then he goes man I need to learn how to lie good! But I am not sure if he's really gay or was joking

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  • I have make friends that pretend to be gay with each other. Hilarious if you ask me. I think it's cute when they can quit being super manly and super straight for a while lol