OK. Guy advice please!?

Ok, so i like this guy he's my age, we see each other every day, and we text almost every day. He is really funny and i laugh at his jokes a lot. He acts like he might like me. then other times he doenst. I guess my laugh is kinda annoying, but not that laugh that sounds like a 3yr olds. his friends kinda talk about me both in good and bad ways. Im so confused! Why are guys so confusing? Please help!


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  • It's the 21st century; you can approach him first if you want. He may not be sure what to make of you either, and trying to encourage him might just drive you crazy if he never notices.

    Yes, telling him you like him is scary as all hell (which is why I'm sure you'd like it if he said something first) but it means that things would definitely no longer be "maybe he likes me, maybe he's just being friends."


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  • Lol you are the center of attention for that guy and his guy friends know that
    he talks about you a lot behind you and so they tease him when you are with him
    they want you two together but he's a little shy and scared

  • Maybe he really likes you but has other relationship issues?
    Any religious belief or rules creating confusion?

  • Start dropping subtle hints and see how he reacts.


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