How to get him to want to take things a step farther?

So there is this guy, he's really shy but he has admitted to liking me, and I him. Well we've been talking and getting to know each other for the past few weeks and planning to hang out outside of school some day next week. He lives outside of town otherwise we would have already. He isn't my boyfriend since neither of us has asked the other to start a relationship, but he might as well be. I really want to get more physical though, he seems to be too shy to touch me or get closer to me than a foot. How can I either get him to make the first move or make the first move without making him shy. It isn't his first time for anything but he seems to be really hesitant and he is incredibly shy, so I don't want to move things too fast for him when for me it would seem slow.


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  • Sounds like he really, really likes you. Just be patient; no need to rush things. When he gets comfortable, he will do what you want him to do. Just be yourself, spend more time together, and make sure he knows that he has you 100% full attention. ;)

    • He won't even hold my hand though :/ or a kiss on the cheek or anything. I'm not expecting to sleep with him right away but even just a little touching would be nice.


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  • Take your time, and enjoy your time together. Definitely don't try to rush anything. It's most important to know that he's comfortable and committed to being with you.

    • I've been trying to be really patient and I'm trying to not force him into anything because I also know he's too shy to say no even if he's not comfortable but I can not stand not touching at all. :/

  • snapchat him the goods

  • Just do whatever in a car or other enclosed space.


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