Teenage problems, please answer with care?

So, I'm a guy who likes a girl... A white girl. The only problem Is that I don't thing of my self as a great guy and I think theirs way better guys them me. "Why would she like to go out with me. Oh ya I'm black. So what should I do. Give up or Get closer.

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If i do go gor her how do I


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  • If you love her, GO FOR IT. If you don't, then you'll always wonder "what if I had gone for her? Would I be her man now? Would she love me?" If you never take chances let your self esteem issues rule your life, you will live a long and boring life and might not end up with the perfect girl for you. Life's about taking chances. Also take this quote from Batman, "We fall so we can learn how to get back up." So take chances, make mistakes. Get back up stronger.


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  • Go for it! you'll never know, it's obvious that your a bit insecure but don't let that get you down. Be a little more confident about yourself and just go for it and don't give up before you try. good luck :)

  • Ask her out on a Starbucks date IF SHE IS A WHITE GIRL SHE WILL PROBABLY SAY YES on the date work your magic


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  • Don't worry there's plenty of snowbunnies in the sea. Who knows, you might ask her out and she only dates black guys. Get closer, there's a chance.