Are White men the only non-Asian ethnic group of men that most, if not, all Asian women only date and prefer and would only ever date in their life?

Interracial statistics don't lie and that's what it says about Asian women.


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  • if that's what the stats say... then what was the point of this question?

    • I'd like to see a counter-argument here against my statement since you can't always have 100% on statistics (while a lot of statistics are mostly accurate, they all still have some sort of flaws). Still, I ask this question to get reactions from GAG users.

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    • ... well obviously nothing is 100%. the whole point of statistics is understanding general behavior. the trend in the datapoints. some may disagree with you, but overall, whatever the stats are indicating are true for the population at large. gag is absolutely NOT a good sample of average women in the world. massive selection bias.

    • Yeah. Anyways, I forgot to mention that I meant *100% faith* on statistics but you already get the idea.


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  • Really does depend. I'm Asian, and I have lots of Asian friends. A lot of them do tend to crush on white guys and some like Asian guys, but it's not an exact limit. It usually varies. I've had an Asian friend who dated a black guy for a while. Honestly, race shouldn't really matter in who you date. But yeah, most Asian females seem to prefer white guys.


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  • Na... they date anyone.

  • Thats a question of personal preference and it is directed at Asian women. Just like all the girls posting "Is my body attractive?" This question isn't any better. Statistics is such an illusion because random sampling is random. If targeted at certain towns I bet those statistics wouldn't even seem relative.

    I myself dislike even being called part of any statistics because I can change at any given time whether its stats about age, education level, interest, or body type it doesn't matter..