I have a girlfriend but I love my ex... help?

I am currently with my gf who I've been with for three years. We took a year break up after the first and I dated another girl for 8 months and fell for you. We broke up over something fun, a few months later after small dating I got back with my ex. Now I catch my self thinking about my ex. I see her around school and it hurts. Not because I love her. Because we broke up over never getting to hang out when I saw her everyday and I felt like I was an awful person. I know I hurt her with the break up, and didn't think about her or what was going on im her life that caused us not to hang out out of school... I didn't find any of that out until after I got back with my ex. Now I've been with my ex for two years, and I hate myself for what I did and I know I love the other girl. Not lust, she was waiting for marriage. But I was with her because of who she was and now I know I love her. But I also love my gf now. Help me please I am so confused on what to do.


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  • ahh the one that got away.


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  • If you are constantly thinking about another girl while dating someone else, you need to take a break from your relationship and figure out what you want. You can't be in love with someone while having a girlfriend. It's not fair to her.


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  • Well I don't really know how you can truly love two people at once (apart from family and friends). But if your current girlfriend can't make you forget about your ex then to me it sounds like the one you really like is your ex.